How, dare you,Poteau, Oklahoma Schools and School Board treat a child this way because of the color of her skin ? This child is my great niece and I am furious !

Poteau, America…We love our school, my children have been active and exceedingly well behaved students for their small academic career thus far. They also have Honor Society and other curricular activities that they participate in.

Today my daughter who has attended the same school for 6 years including Pre-K was taken out of class in front of her peers and tested on her ability to speak, understand, and write English. I understand that the ever-changing world that we live in is blessed to experience more cultures, and I welcome it with open arms. My family alone is only one generation into these United States of America. They were selected because of their beautiful cafe’ skin, or their last name along with other children that differ from the “norm”. I believe there was one student that has recently moved here from Europe. We are talking about children that are 4th and 5th generation Americans and may not even speak their native language.

I am conflicted because I find it hard to believe that a student that has attended the same school for 6 years is still being tested on their ability to speak English, when part of that ability falls on the teachers themselves. I am outraged because it’s another form of scrutiny and ostracizing my children do not deserve nor did they asked for. Please believe that I am taking the proper steps to find out exactly why this is going on. I understand that there are some students that have special needs of all different forms and they should be taught accordingly. My children were lumped into a group today and that is not okay.


To save our rural schools and hospitals, vote Democratic, a vote for the working man and woman!



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