Concerned citizens of Haskell,Latimer, LeFlore and Pittsburgh Counties: 02-22-18

The Republican Party plans to pay for its tax scam with cuts to entitlements, That means Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!

House Speaker Paul Ryan, speaking to Ross Kaminsky on his radio talk show, said that the House would be working to reform entitlements in 2018, calling them “the big drivers of our debt,” during a discussion about the Republican tax bill. (CNN Sophie Tatum)

There it is,Paul Ryan just admitted that after providing $1 trillion in tax breaks to the top 1% and large corporations, Republicans will try to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and help for the most vulnerable Americans.” Senator Bernie Sanders declares.

Though Ryan specifically mentions Medicare as being the “biggest entitlement that’s got to have reform;” the “big drivers of our debt” are the Republicans who just added $1.7 trillion to our national debt.

The Republican Party has no comprehension of the lives of the working men and women who drive this nation’s daily economy. Commenting on Twitter, Paul Ryan announced how wonderful and exciting it was for a woman in Wisconsin who just found out that she would now be having a dollar and a half ($1.50) more in her pay check each week due to the Republican Tax Scam. Once he was told how insane that remark was, he pulled the comment.

These kinds of remarks are now standard trash talk from the Republican Party who does not recognize, that what they are talking about are not “entitlements.” These are hard earned benefits that working men and women paid for with our blood, sweat and tears. We earned these benefits!

The average tax cut for the 1% in 2018 is $51,140. The average tax cut for the .o1% in 2018 is $193,380. If you make less than $75,000 a year you lose under the GOP Tax Scam. (The Plum Line Greg Sargent) How big is your tax cut?

The Republican Party, with people like Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell continues to seek ways to steal from the most vulnerable in our nation and refuses to find solutions to our most basic problems: our national debt, gun violence, our economy, our lack of infrastructure and our lack of positive global relations.

The Republican Party continues down the wrong road driven by their insane leaders, their excuses, and their finger pointing. All of the Republican delegates from Oklahoma, House and Senate, voted for this massive give-a-way and are now seeking ways to make the working men and women in Oklahoma pay for it.

Now more than ever we need to elect Democrats to every level of service. Many people voted to elect Republicans and those same Republicans, once elected, dismiss all who voted for them. Now is the time to elect Democratic people who will listen and respond to your call in order to balance the representation of power. With your support and perseverance. change can be made for all of us. Without your involvement in the political process, nothing will change.

Our leaders in politics and business need to know that you cannot serve two masters. If money and ego is your number one master, then everything else will be lost.

Join us the ‘Party of the Working Man and Woman’ Be active in shaping your future! Next Democrat Meeting-February 23-noon-Eastern Oklahoma State College-President’s Dining Hall-Wilburton-Democrat Committee: Roy Alford, Byron Bohanon, Les Brelsford.


Les and Ruth Brelsford
Berachah Farm
Red Oak, Oklahoma 74563

Concerned citizens of Haskell,Latimer, LeFlore and Pittsburgh Counties: 02-01-18

Republicans control the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. Instead of working to improve the lives of working families, they chose to spend the last year attacking health insurance for millions, and passing a reckless tax scam that rewards greedy corporations and millionaires at the expense of working families. The Republcians have pushed this country into a downward spiral of $trillions of debt our great granchildren will be paying for at the expense of services, healthcare and a better quality of life.

Republicans shut down the government for three days in January and then signed a short term funding bill extending funding to February 8,2018.

Democrats agreed to bipartisan legislation that their base vehemently opposes in order to avert a prolonged shutdown. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump were unwilling to meet them partway. Their refusal to compromise isn’t governance—it’s reckless obstruction at the expense of this country.

Oklahoma Republican Congressmen are ‘lap dogs’ for a dangerous President. The latest CBS poll finds mostly negative reviews of Trump’s job so far: 53% overall say he’s been a poor President , and even more say he’s weakened the US position in the world more than strengthened it while 55% say that under Trump the country has been losing at things it tries to do.

According to the recent Gallup poll, (1-9-18) other nations’ approval of U.S. Leadership under President Trump hit a historical low of 30%. This signals a 18 point drop from a year earlier when 48% approved of the national influence under former President Barack Obama.

At the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Trump was, once again, an embarrasment for our country. During his speech he was laughed at and booed by the assembled world leaders. To a warm reception, French President Emmauel Macron used his speech in Davos to roast Trump’s climate denial position.

‘President Trump showed up with nothing but his racist brand of 1920’s isolationist politics. His presence has been contextualized by other world leaders as a selfish and a dangerous bully in the same tier as ‘leader’ Vladimir Putin.” (Think Progress Natasha Geiling) A partial video clip of Trump’s speech is at World News Video.

World leaders are focused on the need for global cooperation to deal with climate change and are committed to their task without the United States. The TransPacific agreement is also moving ahead without the U.S. ,ceding its position as global leader to China.

Our nation continues to get the bills for Donald Trump’s ever-open mouth, and the sticker price continues to be quite high, indeed. Travel to the U.S. has been on the decline ever since President Donald Trump took office, and new data shows the slump translates to a cost of $4.6 billion in lost spending and 40,000 jobs.

“The repercussions in the travel industry are due solely to Donald Trump not being able to control himself from making racist or xenophobic or just-plain-humiliating statements against the residents of every last country on Earth.”

(Daily Kos By Hunter)

Our country is no longer a beacon of truth and justice for the world because of the actions and words of our leaders and those who accept such conduct!

Join us the ‘Party of the Working Man and Woman’ Be active in shaping your future! Next Democrat Meeing-February 23-noon-Eastern Oklahoma State College-President’s Dining Hall-Wilburton-Democrat Committee: Roy Alford, Byron Bohanon, Les Brelsford.